Leavitt Plantation

Leavitt Plantation - Emerson Brook

The Leavitt Plantation, or the “Plantation Land” as it is locally known, is an 8647-acre parcel of forest land in Parsonsfield, Maine just across the New Hampshire border. It is the largest contiguous forest block in York County Maine and has been traditionally managed for forest products for decades.

In 2001, a group of concerned citizens worked with The Nature Conservancy and the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands to secure funding from Land for Maine’s Future to purchase a conservation easement on the property. This easement has now been in place for 10 years. It insures that the land remains undeveloped and managed for sustainable forestry while it also remains open for public recreation. 

Sustainable management of the property has helped to protect seventeen state listed rare plants and maintain habitat for a wide range of species such as bear, deer, fisher, bobcat, moose and turkey. Through sound forest management the streams and wetlands on this parcel have been protected to maintain aquatic habitat for a variety of species. 

On April 28th, 2012 the Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) will partner with Heartwood Forestland Fund V and LandVest, Inc. to host an open discussion and tour that will cover the many different aspects of the Leavitt Plantation. The goal is to bring together the various groups and individuals who recreate, work, and enjoy Leavitt Plantation.  (Printable Flyer)

Representatives from The Nature Conservancy will also be on hand and share information about the endangered plant, the Small-Whorled Pogonia that makes its home on the property. One of the primary reasons the State of Maine was interested in conserving this land was due to the presence of the Small-Whorled Pogonia. 

Other points of discussion will include a presentation from the property owner: Matthew Sampson of The Forest Land Group, LLC, the property manager, David DeGruttola District Forester NH/ME LandVest, Inc. They will give a presentation about the unique features of the property and discuss how they are managing the property for sustainable timber production. 

The meeting will conclude with a field tour of the property and a look at several harvest areas. The various steps to bring a timber harvest from start to finish will be discussed to provide insight into the decision making process. During the field tour there will be stops at a harvest area recently completed and one that is 3-5 years old. Time permitting we will have a brief stop to view the next proposed harvest area and a short talk about how timber is marked for harvest.

Meet at the Effingham Historical Society on Route 153 in Center Effingham, NH at 11 a.m. for a short presentation about the forest before heading out in the field. Dress appropriately and bring a lunch and water.  Expected end time is 3pm.  To register or for more information please contact GMCG at 603-539-1859 or David DeGruttola, LandVest, Inc. 207- 836-2076.